The location is 3 km from the city of Malabe towards Kaduwela and just 100 m from the New Kandy Road. Queens is located in a respectable residential area,  which is very calm and secured. SLIIT (Malabe)  is just a few minutes walk down  from Queens and It can be clearly visible from the Queens  premises.

Location photos



Views from the building

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relaxation and view from rooftop

Relaxation at rooftop area is a very pleasant experience at Queens Hostel .Enjoy a very pleasant lush green surroundings in one side, eliminated Twin Towers, Colombo Harbor, etc in another side, densely populated commercial areas in other side and lovely scenery of sun rising & sun setting will await . In darkness, the view is magnificent with night lights.

Nearby educational centers and facilities
• SLIIT    Only one bus halt distance
• Horizon Campus 3 km
• CINEC    3 km
• SAITM- Private medical college 3.2 km
• Millenium IT 3.5 km
• Cargills Food City 300m
• ATM facilities    300 m
• Day Health care        
300 m
• Day & Night Health care     
3 km